Why stop watching violence for one day?

To bring awareness to the effects that watching violence has on a person’s mind.  To be a apart of making a difference. To let the world know you’re willing to make a positive change and end violence. You’re going to help pave the way to peace.

What can I do to help?

Don’t watch any violence on February 12th. Talk about it with others and help us spread the message. Get others to join.

Talk about it on your social media pages.

Take pictures of yourself holding a sign saying no violent viewing on February 12. Upload them to our website. (By doing this you give us the right to use your pictures and videos in future PAVE promotions).

Make youtube videos discussing it. Post your youtube videos on our PAVE Facebook page.

Send your ideas and suggestions in to us to help further the cause.

Fill in your contact info below and we’ll send you  more information on how  you can help.