Columbine was a wakeup call for many. School violence, once limited to movies or novels, had suddenly become real. We no longer felt secure sending our children to one of the places we always felt they were safe, school.

A group of concerned men and women decided to come up with a solution to this violent problem. Society was suffering under the effects of negativity and our children were the most vulnerable and at the highest risk of displaying violent behavior later in life.

After much research and study, the answer was clear – character education. If we can teach our children the ability to know the difference between a positive and a negative influence, we could better equip them with the ability to make informed decisions for themselves and others.

So, The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program was developed.

In the years since its establishment, many hours of testing through classroom pilot programs, after school initiatives, individual efforts, and inmate rehabilitation have proven that positive results are achievable.  Of that, we have no doubt.

Today, we have a full K-12 curriculum, Parenting Manual, Early Learners, and a Rehabilitation & Prevention Program. A Workplace Manual is just a few months away. All of these programs are designed to change a person’s heart and mind away from violent thoughts and actions.

Many years have passed since Columbine, and many more school shootings and other tragedies have taken place. Once again, we want to take bigger steps towards bringing peace to our society and bring awareness to the Solution. That’s where P.A.V.E. comes in.

P.A.V.E. is a natural extension of The Peaceful Solution Character Education Program. A character-educated person is a person who has the ability to look at a problem, consider all the options, and then make the right decision.

The glorification of violent examples has and continues to harm society in more ways than we have space to list on this page. Eliminating violent viewing, for even a day, will begin the process of paving the way to a more peaceful world. It is a responsible choice.  It is your choice. Join us.

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